What Is a Doula?

A doula is a person who provides emotional and physical support to you during your pregnancy and childbirth. Doulas are not medical professionals. They don’t deliver babies or provide medical care. A certified doula has taken a training program and passed an exam in how to help pregnant women and their families during this exciting but challenging experience…



If Only Everyone Had a Postpartum Doula

When a baby comes, friends and families don’t always know how to help.

New parenthood — during which ordinary people find themselves abruptly responsible for a brand-new and sometimes famished, inconsolable being — is famously harrowing.

It’s good to have supportive family and friends during this time. But increasingly, parents are turning to postpartum doulas, as well.

Unlike birth doulas, who assist mothers during pregnancy and childbirth, postpartum doulas step in when the baby is already born, and throughout the first six weeks after birth. They teach the supposedly natural but actually quite difficult to master skills of soothing, bathing and breast-feeding infants, without any personal baggage…



17 Ways To Practice Postpartum Self-Care

So, you just gave birth. Life is…intense. Of course you love your new baby, but the postpartum grind can be as crazy as it is wonderful (maybe even more crazy than it is wonderful, let’s be honest). From the hormones to the leaking milk to the baby who simply refuses to be put down, it’s all just… A LOT. It will take awhile to get the hang of, and that’s ok. But in all the newness, the ups and downs and the burping and the onesies and the overeager grandparents, it’s really easy to lose sight of yourself and your own needs…



What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

A doula is an amazing resource for the birthing person and their family. Doulas do assist during the birth, but did you know that doulas also work with families after baby is born?


Practical and Holistic Hacks for Mom and Baby

Not only do you have this newborn to care for, but your body has just gone through a major physical event that requires rest and healing. (This is especially true if you have delivered via cesarean section.)

In addition, all the hormone changes during those early days and weeks, can also mess with your mood and confidence, leaving you feeling tired, insecure and vulnerable…



Should You Hire a Postpartum Doula?

“A postpartum doula is a professional support person who’s trained to help not only the baby, but the family as well, in the days or months after birth,” says Aliza Bancoff, a birth and postpartum doula in Philadelphia and founder of International Doula Institute, an online training and certification program. Doulas provide education about infant care, like how to burp and bathe your baby. They look after your newborn so you can rest and recharge, knowing your little one is in good hands. “We also offer support in the practical side of things: Laundry, dishes, housework, cooking, errands,” says Bancoff. “Essentially, we mother the new mother, nurturing her so she can nurture her precious new baby.” (A baby nurse, on the other hand, solely focuses on the baby’s needs.)