“The babies keep coming”: What the coronavirus pandemic means for people giving birth
From breastfeeding in masks to virtual doulas, Covid-19 is changing pregnancy and birth.

First Heather had to cancel her baby shower.

She lives in Seattle, one of the first cities in the US to be hit by the coronavirus pandemic, and scrapping the planned event seemed small in the grand scheme of things — just another side effect of social distancing recommendations in place across the country, she told me.

But with the pandemic still raging around the world, she’s not sure what’s coming next for her pregnancy, or the birth of her first child, due June 24. For now, almost all of her prenatal appointments are done by telemedicine, though she’s still waiting for guidance on what to do about her next ultrasound. And she’s not sure what will happen to the hospital where she’s slated to give birth if the pandemic becomes even worse.