“I had the privilege of giving birth to my first daughter (after 2 boys) at home in 2009. Ali was present at the birth and was a source of comfort throughout the labor. She stayed with me after the birth graciously attending to my needs. Because of her experience, being a mother herself several times over and a lay midwife, she was able to bring an element of security and comfort. I can say that it was by far my best birthing experience After my birth, Ali and I had the opportunity to work together attending other homebirths and helping new mothers as they conquered the challenging post-partum days. She was always an amazing teammate, willing to go above and beyond for the sake of the midwives and the family. I am honored to recommend her as a doula.” – Jasmine Chambers


“Hello, I am Sara Rivera and I have known Ali Delaney for 29 years. She is one of the kindest and gentlest people I have ever known. I had the privilege of having her as my Doula, caring for me and my newborn babies twice during and following my homebirths. She stayed right by my side throughout my labors and births helping me to feel calm and safe during the most intense moments. The experience of childbirth and the bonding that occurs during this extraordinary event of bringing forth new life is a time of incredible depth that changes your soul. It is almost impossible to actually explain. It is something you feel and Alison is my top choice to share this with because she is dependable, comforting and quick to see and meet any need I had. She always brings a positive energy with her that permeates the air which all those around her inhale, bringing an essence of tranquility to the birthing area. She was right there to hold my hands and help me breath in a productive manner as I labored and brought my children to birth.” – Sara Rivera