A First-Time Mom Shares the Truth About Life After Baby

written by SACHA STREBE UPDATED JAN 22, 2020
Becoming a first-time mom is a dramatic shift in any woman’s life, bringing with it a whole host of new and often overwhelming emotions.I t’s not just you anymore: There’s an entirely new tiny human being to care for, who requires devoted one-on-one attention and love. If that wasn’t enough, your body is also fraught with some pretty crazy hormonal changes, which can impact how you think and feel about everything—and you start crying all the time, even when you’re really happy.

Despite the awe and sheer delight that this new bundle brings into your life, being a first-time mom is hard. Mom and digital influencer, Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor, says having a baby is “possibly the hardest and most exhaustive thing” she’s ever experienced, while also being the most rewarding. We tapped Chriselle to share her motherhood confessions, how she manages a thriving business with a baby, and more.

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